Kursdanser VT 2024

Un Poquito 18/1
Repetition 18/1:
Tonight You’re Lucky
Glass Of Wine
Devil In A Dress 16/1
If I Fall 16/1
Stand By Me Remix 25/1Fire On Up 23/1
Inställt 1/2Repetition 30/1:
Fire On Up
Men On A Mission
Bringing It Back 8/2Is This Love? 6/2
Out Of Words 15/2Around The Fire 13/2
Dancing Fever 22/2I Mean Business 20/2
Country Nights 29/2I Lose Control 27/2
One Night in Dubai 7/3Mates Of Soul 5/3
Repetition 14/3Repetition 12/3
Rock This Town 21/3Be Obnoxious 19/3
Sixteen Tons 4/4Black Smoke 26/3
Beyonce’s Country 11/4Driving In My Car 2/4
Repetition 18/4:
Handmade For Me
Breathe 9/4
Cross My Heart 25/4Giving It All 16/4
Everybody Let’s Dance! 2/5

Kursdanser HT 2023

Livin’ That Good Life 31/8
Black Jack 31/8
Stuck On Repeat 29/8
Wreckage 29/8
Good Rockin Daddy 7/9
Jag väntar på dig 7/9
Hill Of Hope 5/9
Gimme Your Praise 14/9Go Getter 12/9
Give Me Your Tempo 21/9Give Me Your Tempo 19/9
Alejandro’s Fire 28/9Ghosted 26/9
Hey Now 5/10Get On My Love 3/10
Cowboy Don’t 12/10Repetition 10/10
Repetition 19/10Repetition 17/10
I Know You (And You Know Me) 26/10Devil Knows 24/10
Wait A Minute Mr Postman 2/11Throwback Love 31/10
I’ve Been Waiting For You 9/11Don’t Think Twice (NDX 2023)
A Little Deeper 16/11You Put A Spell On Me 21/11
Tonight You’re Lucky 23/11Men On A Mission 28/11

Kursdanser VT 2023

When Will I Be Loved 23/1
Southern Soul Bounce 23/1
When Will I Be Loved 26/1The Sphinx 24/1
Mama & Me 30/1Storm And Stone 2/2How Do I Say Good Bye 31/1
Cyber Drop EZ 6/2Keep Up If You Can (a.k.a Dancin’ Boots) 9/2Spicy Margarita 14/2
Crowded Mind 14/2
Storm And Stone 13/2Crowded Mind 16/2Move You 21/2
Repetition 20/2Marry Me 23/2Metronome28/2

 Mama & Me 28/2

Fun Push 27/2Repetition 2/3Never Gonna Not Dance 7/3
Crowded Mind 6/3Feel Like Crying 9/3Pieces 21/3
Repetition 13/3The Vibe 16/3If I Fall 28/3
Do Thy Neighbor 20/3Mama & Me 23/3Love Rush 4/4
It’s A Country Thing 27/3The Bomp 30/3Repetition 11/4
Heaven’s Jukebox 3/4Raised Like That 13/4Swing All Night 18/4
Repetition 17/4Whiskey On The Shelf 20/4Unholy War 25/4
Feel Like Crying 24/4Repetition 27/4Repetition 2/5
Repetition 8/5Good Rockin Daddy 4/5Whiskey On The Shelf 9/5
Avslutning 15/5Avslutning 11/5Avslutning 16/5

Kursdanser HT 2022

All About A Woman 5/9
EZ Git Up 5/9
Crazy What Love Can Do 8/9Settle The Score 6/9The Vibe 27/10
We’re Good To Go 12/9Impossible Love 15/9Bare My Soul 13/9Conga Line 13/11

Sunroof 13/11

Gives Me Shivers 19/9Dance Without A Partner 22/9Good To Go 20/9Outété 20/11
T & G Hurricane 26/9Knock On Your Door 29/9Hold On 27/9 
Repetition 3/10Cyber Drop EZ 6/10How Love Is Made 4/10 
Lay Here With Me 10/102 Stepping Away 13/10Another One Bites The Dust 11/10 
Til The Neons Gone 17/10We’re Good To Go 20/10
Eine Kleine Ding Dong 20/10
Never Fool Me 18/10
Sweet 16 24/10Til The Neons Gone 27/10Repetition 25/10
Sun On A Black Sky 31/10Repetition 3/11Jumanji 1/11
 Pick Up Your Phone 7/11Mustang Sally 10/11Kitchen Dance Floor 8/11
Bounce 14/11Well Do Ya? 17/11
Lay Here With Me 17/11
Find Your Groove 15/11
Repetition 21/11Poco Loco 24/11Get Wild 22/11
Live, Laugh, Love  28/11It Keeps Raining 1/122-Step Turn 29/11
Fun Push 5/12 Repetition 6/12

Kursdanser VT 2022

Some Kind Of Wonderful 17/1Gucci 20/1
Some Kind Of Wonderful 20/1
Corn 20/1
A Little Bit Louder 20/1
Easy On Me 18/1
Corn 24/1Gives Me Shivers 27/11 + 1  25/1
Live, Laugh, Love 31/1Boom Boom Clap 3/2Suda (aka Sweat) 1/2
Boom Boom Clap 7/2Repetition 10/2Far Ahead 8/2
Sun On A Black Sky 14/2Danger Twins 17/2Out Out 15/2
Irish Stew 21/2Handmade For Me 24/2Game On 22/2
Repetition 28/2Bad Habits EZ 3/3Repetition 1/3
Gives Me Shivers 7/3Train Wreck 10/3Repetition 8/3
Gives Me Shivers 8/3
Stormy Clouds 14/3Reunited! 17/3Doin’ This 15/3
Oh Carol 21/3Smooth Talkin’ 24/32 + 2 22/3
Train Wreck 28/3Greener Grass 31/3Repetition Doin’ This  29/3
Repetition Train Wreck 4/4Sweet Release 7/4Diggity Swinging 5/4
Smooth Talkin’ 11/4Repetition 21/4Infinite Compassion 12/4
 Do It With Style 28/4Fallen Wings 19/4
Repetition Smooth Talkin’
Kursavslut 5/5Kursavslut 26/4
Repetition och
kursavslut 2/5
Shake Your Cake 12/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
Repetition Blood On A Rose
och Don’t Think About You 3/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
Sweet Release 9/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
Knock On Your Door 18/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
Portland Cha 10/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
Shake Your Cake 16/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
Repetition 25/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
Blinded By Beauty 17/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
Repetition 23/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
 Repetition 24/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
Repetition 30/5
(extra kurstillfälle)
 Repetition 31/5
(extra kurstillfälle)

Kursdanser HT 2021

Linedance för nybörjare/IntroNewcomerNovice
Rocket To The Sun 30/8


All About A Woman 30/8

Sun On A Black Sky 2/9


All About A Woman 2/9

Share That Love! 31/8
K Is For Kicks 6/9Blue Jean Baby 9/9Tennessee Whiskey 7/9
Weekend Vibes 13/9Sundown Swing 16/9Four Leaf Clover 14/9
Repetition 20/9Cold Heart 23/9I’m Begging You 21/9
T & G Hurricane 27/9Chicken Walk Jive 30/9Repetition 28/9
Get Down Get Funky 4/10Repetition 7/10Take Me To Church 5/10
Waltz Across Texas 11/10Weekend Vibes 14/10Take Me To Church forts. 12/10
Sundown Swing 18/10My Bestie 28/10Bad Habits 19/10
Repetition 25/10 A Few Shots! 26/10
Just A Minute 1/11Take Me Home 4/11Blood On A Rose 2/11
Higher & Higher 8/11Summer Shake 11/11Lala Swing 9/11
Sweet 16 15/11Just Fly 18/11Crazy Without You 16/11
Just Fly 22/11Stormy Clouds 25/11Reykjavik 23/11

Kursdanser VT 2021

Let’s Start Living AgainJerusalema We Can Go Slow
Good FeelingsHotter Than HotMoses Roses Toeses
Crystal Touch5 6 7 8 ReasonsWhere Oh Where
Where Oh WhereWhere Oh WhereBroken People
Weekend VibesSofiaCountry In 3
Take Me HomeMake Me SwayMemories
Sun On A Black SkyThe CaptainHairspray
 Sun On A Black SkyRun Me Like A River
  Sea Shanty Shenanigans

Kursdanser HT 2020

K Is For Kicks (17/8)
Lindi Shuffle (17/8)
Before The Devil (20/8)
The Koi Boys (20/8)
Rolling With Love (18/8)
Somebody Like You (18/8)
Don’t Touch My Truck (24/8)Crystal Touch (27/8)Drop Snap (25/8)
Ridin’ (31/8)Shot Of Tequila (3/9)Hometown Heart (1/9)
Country Walkin’ (7/9)
King Of The Road (7/9)
There Is A Light (10/9)It’s Gold (8/9)
Pick Up Your Phone (8/9)
Repetition (14/9)Pick Up Your Phone (17/9)Lifer (15/9)
Rocket To The Sun (21/9)
Oh Carol (21/9)
Romeo Tonight (24/9)Come Alive (23/9)
Laura (28/9)Repetition (1/10)
Laura (1/10)
Take Me Home (29/9)
Heart Dance (5/10)Do A Little Life (8/10)Little Less Broken (6/10)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain (12/10)Bar Room Romeo (15/10)I Messed Up (13/10)
Pick Up Your Phone (19/10)Lifer (22/10)Feel (20/10)
Repetition (26/10)Little Less Broken (29/10)Perfect (27/10)
Bounce (2/11)
Turn The Beat Up (2/11)
Repetition (5/11)Chicago Gold (3/11)
Runaround Sue (9/11) We Can Go Slow (10/11)

Kursdanser VT 2020

T & G Hurricane (13/1)The Lilt (16/1)Get Wild (14/1)
EZ Me Too (20/1)Half Past Tipsy (23/1)Woke Up Late (21/1)
Lay Here With Me (27/1)Lay Here With Me (30/1)
Repetition They Call Me The Beeeze
Dance Monkey Dance (28/1)
Bounce (3/2)Reggae Romance (6/2)Repetition (4/2)
It’s A Country Thing (10/2)Dance Monkey (13/2)Don’t Think About You! (11/2)
Repetition (17/2)Repetition (27/2)Both (18/2)
Dance Monkey (2/3)Thorn In My Side (5/3)Blow The Trumpet (25/2)
Higher & Higher (9/3)Never Gonna Grow Up! (12/3)Thorn In My Side (3/3)
Woman Amen (3/3)
Pretty Little Galway Girl (16/3)Repetition (19/3)Shot Of Tequila (10/3)
Slipped And Fell (23/3)Shot Of Tequila (26/3)Chill Factor (17/3)
Repetition (30/3)Repetition
Oh Me Oh My Oh (2/4)
Chicago Gold (24/3)
(6/4)(9/4)Metronome (31/3)
(13/4)(16/4)The Koi Boys (7/4)
(20/4)Cantare (23/4)(14/4)
Avslutning (27/4)Avslutning (7/5)Avslutning Stay Home  (21/4)

Kursdanser HT 2019

Sweet 16 (19/8)
Lindi Shuffle(19/8)
VHS (Very Hot Summer) (22/8)Crazy Without You (3/9)
Rocket To The Sun (26/8)Mom The Jive (29/8)Down To The Roots (10/9)
Easy Love (2/9)Train Swing (5/9)The Show (17/9)
Mamma Mia! Why Me? (9/9)Thanks A Lot (12/9)Thousand Times (24/9)
Repetition (16/9)Senorita La-La-La (19/9)Soul Shake (1/10)
Irish Stew (23/9)Repetition av Cecilia (26/9)Whatever It Takes (8/10)
Ghost Train (30/9)Funky Paradise (3/10)Repetition (15/10)
Senorita La-La-La (7/10)Repetition (10/10)Funky Paradise (22/10)
Lonely Blues (22/10)
Lonely Drum (14/10)Soul Shake (17/10)Cherry On Top (29/10)
Night Tango (21/10)Repetition av Rosalita (24/10)A Little Swing (5/11)
Repetition (28/10)Lonely Blues (31/10)In The Cards (12/11)
Bonaparte’s Retreat (4/11)Bonaparte’s Retreat (7/11)Second Time Around (19/11)
Turn The Beat Up (11/11)Belles Belles Belles (14/11)Wiser & Older (26/11)
Country Walking (18/11)Coz I Don’t Care (21/11)Half Past Tipsy (3/12)
Charlie’s Cha (25/11)Avslutning (28/11)Avslutning (10/12)


Kursdanser VT 2019

Mamma Mia! Why Me? (24/1)Trespassing (22/1)
Down On Your Uppers (31/1)Love Rush (29/1)
Your Heaven! (7/2)Repetition av Turn Me On (5/2)
When I See Ya (14/2)Secrets We Keep (12/2)
Repetition (21/2)Mates Of Soul (19/2)
Repetition av Tell The World (28/2)
Repetition av Do A Little Life (28/2)
Repetition (26/2)
Music To My Eyes (7/3)Make Way (5/3)
Holiday Time (14/3)Pink Hearts (12/3)
Subeme La Radio (21/3)One Hundred (19/3)
Hey Señorita (28/3)Just A Phase (26/3)
Oh Me Oh My Oh (4/4)Dip To The Bass (2/4)
Let U Be Right (11/4)Graffiti (9/4)
Rosalita (25/4)Repetition (16/4)
(2/5)Repetition av Blaze Of Glory (23/4)
Avslutning (9/5)Avslutning (7/5)


Kursdanser HT 2018

Rocket To The Sun (21/8)
Twisting (21/8)
Don’t Drop By (23/8)Muddy Waters (21/8)
T & G Hurricane (28/8)No Excuses (30/8)Beautiful Crazy (28/8)
Ghost Train (4/9)Rocket To The Sun (6/9)Leave A Light On (4/9)
Charlie’s Cha (11/9)Blue Kisses (13/9)Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (11/9)
Repetition (18/9)Too Young (20/9)Diggin’ (18/9)
Skinny Genes (25/9)Groovy Love (27/9)Groovy Love (25/9)
Pieces (25/9)
How Long (2/10)Caught In The Act (4/10)Human After All (2/10)
Live, Laugh, Love (9/10)Hey Rosalie (11/10)Turn Me On (9/10)
Get Down Get Funky (16/10)Repetition (18/10)Blaze Of Glory (16/10)
Repetition (23/10)I’ve Been Waiting For You (25/10)Repetition (23/10)
Love Trick (Kjempeform) (30/10)Leaving Of Liverpool (1/11)
Under The Moon Of Love (1/11)
If Heaven (30/10)
Make It Up (6/11)Doing The Walk (8/11)Doing The Walk (6/11)
Repetition (13/11)Had To Be You (15/11)Hot, Hot, Hot (13/11)
Waltz Across Texas (20/11)Make It Up (22/11)Repetition (20/11)
Avslutning (27/11)Avslutning (29/11)Avslutning (27/11)


Kursdanser VT 2018

Gypsy Queen (25/1)With The Lights On (23/1)
Rockabye Baby EZ (1/2)Throwback Love (30/1)
Twisting (8/2)Gypsy Queen (6/2)
All Katchi, All Night Long (15/2)Perfect (13/2)
Repetition (22/2)Clap Snap (20/2)
Come On Closer (1/3)Repetition (27/2)
Forget-Me-Not (8/3)Act Like A Man (6/3)
Irish Stew (15/3)The Last Word (13/3)
Looking Back To See (22/3)Come Alive (20/3)
Back To New Orleans (5/4)Come Alive (27/3)
Repetition (12/4)Come Alive (3/4)
La Culpa (19/4)Echame La Culpa (10/4)
Repetition (26/4)The Queen (24/4)


Over The Moon (3/5)

Havana Cha (1/5)
Kurs i samband med motionsdansen (6/5)Avslutning (8/5)


Kursdanser HT 2017

Pretty Little Galway Girl (24/8)Run Me Like A River (22/8)
Lonely Drum (31/8)No Stress (29/8)
Loco Amor (7/9)Loco Amor (5/9)
I Must Be Dreaming (21/9)Repetition (12/9)
I Must Be Dreaming (28/9)Repetition av Stomp Your Feet (19/9)
The Most Beautiful Girl (5/10)Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS) (26/9)
Ride Away (12/10)No Sun On Sunday! (3/10)
Repetition (19/10)Waiting (10/10)
Stir Crazy (26/10)Repetition (17/10)
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (2/11)S.O.B (24/10)
(Sweat) A La La La La Long (9/11)Everybody’s Groovin’ (31/10)
Crazy For You (16/11)Oh Mama Hey (7/11)
Repetition(30/11)Repetition (14/11)
Repetition (7/12)The Most Beautiful Girl (28/11)
Lonely Drum (28/11)
Avslutning (14/12)Avslutning (5/12)


Kursdanser VT 2017

Just A Minute (26/1)Vegas Baby! (24/1)Take Me To The Water (30/1)
Higher & Higher (2/2)Go Seven (31/1)Take Me To The Water (6/2)
Country 2 Step (9/2)Higher & Higher(7/2)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain (7/2)
Risk It All (13/2)
Repetition (16/2)Splish Splash (14/2)Girl Crush (27/2)


Call Me (27/2)

Nossa Nossa (23/2)Do A Little Life (21/2)Do A Little Life (6/3)
Make Me Sway (2/3)Repetition (28/2)Pull Me Closer (13/3)
Vegas Baby! (9/3)Nossa Nossa (7/3)Pull Me Closer (20/3)
Repetition (16/3)S T One (14/3)Repetition (27/3)
Repetition (23/3)Country As A Boy Can Be (21/3)Shape Of You (3/4)
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo (30/3)Send Me A Letter Amanda (28/3)Beautiful In My Eyes (10/4)
Disappearing Tail Lights (6/4)Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo (4/4)Solodance (17/4)
Good To Be Us (20/4)Oops Baby (11/4)Stomp Your Feet (24/4)
Repetition (27/4)Oops Baby (18/4)Stomp Your Feet (8/5)
Repetition (4/5)Repetition (25/4)Repetition (15/5)
Avslutning (11/5)Avslutning (2/5)Avslutning (22/5)


Kursdanser HT 2016

Sweet 16 (25/8)
Lindi Shuffle (25/8)
Dance With Me Tonight (22/8)Pieces (23/8)
Electric Slide (1/9)So Just Dance Dance Dance! (29/8)I Love Me Most (30/8)
Ghost Train (8/9)Make Me Sway (5/9)Shake That (6/9)
Slipped And Fell (15/9)Well Do Ya? (12/9)Get Back Into My Car (13/9)
Repetition (22/9)I Love Me Most (19/9)


Down On The Corner (19/9)

Maybe Tomorrow (20/9)
Repetition (29/9)Better When I’m Dancin’ (26/9)Take Me To The River (27/9)
Homegrown (6/10)Silver Threads And Golden Needles (3/10)Why I Love You! (4/10)
Love Trick/Kjempeform (13/10)Repetition (10/10)Repetition (11/10)
Repetition (20/10)Repetition (17/10)Die A Happy Man (18/10)
Charlie’s Cha (27/10)Bring On The Good Times (24/10)Do Something Crazy (25/10)
Clickety Clack (3/11)Triple Mix (31/10)
Some Girls (31/10)
Repetition (1/11)
Waltz Across Texas (17/11)Go Loca (7/11)Sound Of Silence (8/11)
Fun Push (24/11)Oh Carol (14/11)Better When I’m Dancin’ (15/11)
Repetition (1/12)Just A Memory (21/11)Human After All (22/11)
Avslutning (8/12)Avslutning (28/11)Avslutning (29/11)


Kursdanser VT 2016

Trickle Trickle (4/2)For Now On (1/2)Repetition (2/2)
Love Struck (11/2)Nimby (8/2)Witness (16/2)
Under The Moon Of Love (18/2)Under The Moon Of Love (15/2)Don’t (23/2)
Repetition (25/2)Trickle Trickle (22/2)Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1/3)
Slipped And Fell (3/3)Homegrown (29/2)Cake By The Ocean (8/3)
Ghost Train (10/3)Making History (7/3)Repetition (15/3)
Fun Push (17/3)Locklin’s Bar (14/3)Adrenaline Rush (22/3)
Ex’s And Oh’s (31/3)Locklin’s Bar (21/3)Ex’s And Oh’s (29/3)
Locklin’s Bar (29/3)
Sweet Southern Comfort (7/4)Ex’s And Oh’s (4/4)Save The Day (5/4)
It’s A Country Thing (14/4)Only One Call Away (11/4)About Feelings (12/4)
Repetition (21/4)Love You In A Barrel (18/4)Repetition (19/4)
Sweet Southern Comfort (28/4)Big Blue Tree (25/4)Little Liza Jane (26/4)
Repetition (12/5)Bring On The Good Times (2/5)More Dessert (3/5)
Repetition (19/5)Repetition (9/5)Repetiotion (10/5)
Avslutning (26/5)Avslutning (16/5)Avslutning (17/5)

Kursdanser HT 2015

Cowgirls Twist (3/9)The Bomp (26/8)And Get It On (25/8)
T&G Hurricane (10/9)Kill The Spiders (2/9)Mami Chula (1/9)
Reet Petite (17/9)It’s High Time (9/9)Can’t Feel My Face (8/9)
Repetition (24/9)And. Get It On (16/9)All Day Long (22/9)
Bounce (1/10)Rock ’n’ Roll Bride (23/9)Pop ’n Drop (29/9)
Charlie’s Cha (8/10)Repetition (30/9)Don’t Let The Sun Go Down (6/10)
Repetition (15/10)Quiero (7/10)Alkeehawl (13/10)
Waltz Across Texas (22/10)Yolanda (14/10)Extreme Love (20/10)
Repetition (29/10)Buy Me A Drink (21/10)Cliché Love Song (27/10)
Avslutning (5/11)Rock & Roll (28/10)Repetition (3/11)
 Cliché Love Song (4/11)Repetition (17/11)
 Repetition (11/11)Twisted Sister (24/11)
 Tell The World (18/11)Repetition (1/12)
 Repetition (25/11)Repetition (8/12)


Bonusdans: Christmas Tree Rock (2/12)



Bonusdans: For Now On (15/12)

Kursdanser VT 2015

Fall In Love (22/1)Fall In Love (20/1)Superheroes (19/1)
The Picnic Polka(29/1)They Call Me The Breeze (27/1)Chicago Bonfire (26/1)
Irish Stew (5/2)Hot Sexy Mama (3/2)Repetition (2/2)
Cecilia (12/2)Junior Geronimo (10/2)We Could Be Giants (9/2)
Repetition (19/2)Dodging Arrows (17/2)Yes (16/2)
Ghost Train (26/2)A Cincinatti Fireball (24/2)Cecilia (23/2)
Repetition (5/3)Repetition (3/3)Shades Of Passion (2/3)
Pretty Boy Ugly Heart (12/3)Cecilia (10/3)Repetition (9/3)
Repetition (26/3)Makita (17/3)Uptown Funk (16/3)
Unmistakable (9/4)Jukebox (24/3)Wakey Wakey (23/3)
Stitch It Up (16/4)Coffee Time Samba (31/3)I See Me (30/3)
Repetition (23/4)Repetition (7/4)Repetition (13/4)
Repetition (5/5)Side By Side (14/4)Repetition (20/4)
Avslutning (7/5)Walkin In The Rain (21/4)Have Fun, Go Mad (27/4)
 Avslutning (28/4)Avslutning (4/5)

Kursdanser HT 2014

All About A Woman (28/8)Dancing In The Moonlight (26/8)Marry That Girl (25/8)
Country Walkin’ (4/9)Just Add Moonlight (2/9)Smooth Soldier (1/9)
T & G Hurricane (11/9)Leaving Of Liverpool (9/9)Down To The River (8/9)
Repetition (18/9)Feel Like A Fool (16/9)Blake N Trace (15/9)
Shake That Bass (25/9)Marry That Girl (23/9)Off The Chain (22/9)
Crazy Happy (2/10)Repetition (30/9)Repetition (29/9)
Repetition (9/10)Such A Fool (7/10)Cotton Time (6/10)
Feel Like A Fool (16/10)Had To Be You (14/10)Say Geronimo (13/10)
Bounce (23/10)Down To The River (21/10)Only A Woman (20/10)
Repetition (6/11) Bonusdans: Sweet 16Repetition (28/10)Cheescake (27/10)
Blue Night Cha (13/11)High Cotton (4/11)Repetition (3/11)
Just Add Moonlight (20/11)Maybe I Could (11/11)Fireball (10/11)
Repetition (27/11)Have You Ever Seen The Rain (18/11)Fairy Tales And Love Songs.. Whatever (17/11)
Repetition (4/12)Repetition (25/11)Repetition (24/11)
Avslutning (11/12)Avslutning (2/12)Avslutning (1/12)

Kursdanser VT 2014

Just A Little Love (20/1)Dream Lover (21/1)Fly High (20/1)
Got My Baby Back (27/1)We No Speak Americano (28/1)Stars (27/1)
Bosa Nova (3/2)Silver Lining (4/2)Repetition (3/2)
Repetition (10/2)My Greek No 1 (11/2)No Diggity Blues (10/2)
Mi Rowsu (25/2)Repetition (18/2)In My Heart (17/2)
Wonderland Waltz (3/3)Mi Rowsu (25/2)Round And Round (24/2)
Repetition (10/3)A Little Bit Gypsy (4/3)Repetition (3/3)
Wave On Wave (17/3)Circle Of Love Train (11/3)Silver Lining (10/3)
Repetition (24/3)Repetition (18/3)La Llama (17/3)
Where I Belong (31/3)I Told You So (25/3)Repetition (24/3)
9 to 5 (7/4)Doin’ It Right (1/4)Wrong Side Slide (31/3)
Repetition (14/4)2 cents (8/4)2 cents (7/4)
Repetition (28/4)2 cents (15/4)Clap Happy! (14/4)
Avslutning (29/4)Repetition (22/4)Repetition (28/4)
 Avslutning (29/4)Avslutning (5/5)

Kursdanser HT 2013

Reet Petite (28/8)Sing Sing Sing (27/8)Backtrack (26/8)
T & G Hurricane (4/9)Got My Baby Back (3/9)I Run To You (2/9)
Big Girl Boogie (11/9)Slip 32 (10/9)Some Nights (9/9)
Repetition (18/9)A Place In The Sun (17/9)Dance Away The Pain (16/9)
Ghost Train (25/9)Repetition (24/9)Inside Your Heaven (23/9)
This Is Me (2/10)If I Was A Single Man (1/10)Somewhere In My Car (30/9)
Repetition (9/10)Tulane (15/10)Repetition (7/10)
Chica Boom Boom (16/10)Slipped And Fell (22/10)The Great Gatsby (14/10)
Get Down, Get Funky (23/10)Repetition (29/10)Sing Sing Sing (21/10)
Gold Digger (6/11)Stop Me Now (5/11)Wow Tokyo (28/10)
Repetition (13/11)This Is Me (12/11)Summer Jam (4/11)
Unmistakable (20/11)Can’t Make Money (19/11)Branches (11/11)
Ridin’ (27/11)Just A Little Love (26/11)Stop Me Now (18/11)
Repetition (4/12)Repetition (3/12)Do They Know It’s Christmas (25/11)
Avslutning (11/12)Avslutning (10/12)Avslutning (2/12)

Kursdanser VT 2013

Shame On Me (22/1)Dancing With Cupid (23/1)
Little Too High (29/1)Farewell (30/1)
Whispering Your Name (5/2)Farewell-repetition (6/2)
Repetition (12/2)Shame On Me (13/2)
Love Is A Word (19/2)Outta Control (20/2)
Me And You (26/2)Judy Likes To Rock (25/2)
50 Ways (5/3)We Got The Summer (4/3)
Repetition (12/3)50 Ways (11/3)
Repetition (19/3)Still Love Me Tomorrow (18/3)
Fill in The Blank (26/3)Repetition (25/3)
Disappearing Tail Lights (2/4)Gotta Be Somebody (8/4)
You Got That Thang (9/4)Gleefully There (15/4)
Gleefully Easy (16/4)Trespassing (22/4)
Repetition (23/4)Repetition (29/4)
Avslutning (7/5)Avslutning (6/5)

Kursdanser HT 2012

Choclate City Hustle (27/8)Wake Up Little Susie (30/8)If Heaven (28/8)
First Steps (3/9)Take A Breather (6/9)Through The Fire (4/9)
Cry Cry Cry (10/9)Clickety Clack (13/9)Ray Of Light (11/9)
Sweet 16 (17/9)Borderline (20/9)Crying Over You (18/9)
Repetition (24/9)


Bonusdans: Get Down, Get Funky

Cry Cry Cry (27/9)Bang Bang (25/9)
Waltz Across Texas (1/10)Repetition (4/10)Rock Paper Scissors (2/10)
9 to 5 (8/10)Love You In A Barrel (11/10)Walking away / Take It From There (9/10)
Repetition (15/10)If I Could (18/10)A Million Dreams (16/10)
Irish Stew (22/10)Don’t Drink The Water (25/10)D.M.S. (Drink Myself Single) (23/10)
Repetition (29/10)Crying Over You (1/11)Repetition (6/11)
Ghost Train (5/11)Intrigue (8/11)Makin Trouble (13/11)
L L L (12/11)Repetition (15/11)Love You In A Barrel (20/11)
T & G Hurricane (19/11)1929 (22/11)Make Your Mark (27/11)
Repetition (26/11)Pretend (29/11)Repetition (4/12)
Avslutning (3/12)Avslutning (6/12)Avslutning (11/12)

Kursdanser VT 2012

Choclate City Hustle (23/1)9 to 5 (26/1)Why Don’t You Spend The Night (24/1)
 Wish It Would Rain (2/2)Loving You (31/1)
INSTÄLLD PGA FÖR FÅ DELTAGARE!Take It From There (9/2)Domino (7/2)
 Fundamental Swing (16/2)Fundamental Things (14/2)
 Repetition (23/2)Repetition (21/2)
 Inspector Gadget (1/3)Shake It For Me (28/2)
 Missing You (8/3)Live This Life (6/3)
 Walking away (15/3)Ding Dang Darn It (13/3)
 I Said I Love You (22/3)Caballero (20/3)
 Shake It For Me (29/3)Repetition Monster In The Mirror (27/3)
 Repetition (12/4)This Ole Boy (3/4)
 Amazing Grace (19/4)Footloose (10/4)
 Caballero (26/4)Bottoms Up! (17/4)
 Purr Kitty (3/5)Repetition (24/4)
 Avslutning (10/5)Avslutning (8/5)

Kursdanser HT 2011

Lindi Shuffle (22/8)I’m No Good (25/8)Gambling Man (23/8)
First Steps (29/8)Knee Deep (1/9)Big Bang Boogie (23/8)
Choclate City Hustle (5/9)Big Bang Boogie (8/9)I’m No Good (30/8)
Ain’t She Sweet (12/9)Jig About (15/9)Rolling In The Deep (6/9)
Waltz Across Texas (19/9)Repetition (22/9)Bittersweet Memory (13/9)
Repetition (26/9)Bittersweet Memory (29/9)Jig About (20/9)
Knee Deep (3/10)Repetition (6/10)Move A Like (27/9)
Where I Belong (10/10)Ooops Up (13/10)Alabama Slammin’ (4/10)
AB Rumba (17/10)Speak To The Sky (20/10)Strong Baby (11/10)
Repetition (24/10)AB Rumba (27/10)Repetition (18/10)
My Pretty Belinda (31/10)My Pretty Belinda (27/10)The Flute (25/10)
Speak To The Sky (7/11)Alabama Slammin’ (10/11)Big Bang (1/11)
Get Down, Get Funky (14/11)Unmistakable (17/11)Monster In The Mirror (8/11)
Sweet 16 (21/11)Big Bang (1/12)Without You (22/11)
Avslutning (28/11)Repetition (5/12)Soul Food (29/11)
 Avslutning (8/12)Avslutning (6/12)

Kursdanser VT 2011

Reet Petite (27/1)Until The End (25/1)A Whole New World (25/1)
Picnic Polka (3/2)Make You Sweat (1/2)CanAm Tango (1/2)
Little Broken Heels (10/2)Broken Heelz (8/2)Broken Heels (8/2)
Where I Belong (17/2)Elvis Shuffle (15/2)A Perfect Day (15/2)
Repetition (24/2)Move On The Floor (22/2)Twist With The Fat Boys (22/2)
Elvis Shuffle (3/3)Repetition (1/3)Dog-gone Blues (1/3)
Scrap It (10/3)Bobbi With An I (8/3)Only Girl (8/3)
Waltz Across Texas (17/3)Under The Sun (15/3)Bobbi With An I (15/3)
Repetition (24/3)Gonna Love You Till The End (22/3)I Belong To You (22/3)
Stitch It Up (31/3)Dance Alone (29/3)Repetition (29/3)
Margarita Cha (7/4)Repetition (5/4)Pack Up & Tip Toe (5/4)
Repetition (28/4)Dirt Road Dancing (12/4)Fujiyama Mama (12/4)
Ooops Up (5/5)Fujiyama Mama (19/4)If I Knew Then (19/4)
Jungle Ways (10/5)Where I Belong (26/4)All Day Long (26/4)
Avslutning (12/5)Avslutning (3/5)Avslutning (3/5)

Kursdanser HT 2010

Chocolate City Hustle (26/8)Walking In The Rain (24/8)Latin Crazy (24/8)
Get Down, Get Funky (2/9)Before The Devil (31/8)Rhyme Or Reason (31/8)
Sweet 16 (9/9)Alligator Rock (7/9)Work It Out (7/9)
Smiling Song (16/9)Country Hitch (14/9)Walking In The Rain (14/9)
Repetition (23/9)Rhyme Or Reason (21/9)Gave It All Away (21/9)
Ghost Train (30/9)Repetition (28/9)Plan B (28/9)
Irish Stew (7/10)Yolanda (5/10)Don’t Kill The DJ (5/10)
Blue Night Cha (14/10)Smiling Song (12/10)Standing In The Shadow (12/10)
Repetition (21/10)Blue Night Cha (19/10)Quitter (19/10)
Waltz Away (28/10)Quarter After One (26/10)Drip Droppin (26/10)
Repetition (4/11)Kiss Me Honey (2/11)Repetition (2/11)
Wakira (11/11)Excuse Me (9/11)Big Jimmy (9/11)
Cowgirl Twist (18/11)Don’t Kill The DJ (16/11)You’re Amazing (16/11)
Repetition (25/11)Repetition (23/11)Wakira (23/11)
Avslutning (2/12)Avslutning (30/11)Avslutning (30/11)

Kursdanser VT 2010

Jump In The Line (28/1)Leave The Boat (26/1)Mexicali (25/1)Ease On Down (26/1)
T & G Hurricane (4/2)Tap Some Boogie (2/2)Ease On Down (1/2)Tap Room Boogie (26/1)
Sweet 16 (4/2)Time To Swing (9/2)Tap Room Boogie (8/2)It’s Your World (2/2)
Get Down, Get Funky (11/2)Cockadoodle (16/2)Not Fair (15/2)Coochie Bang Bang (9/2)
Chica Boom Boom (11/2)Repetition (23/2)Go Mama Go (22/2)Urban Hit (16/2)
Let Your Love Flow (18/2)Chica Boom Boom (2/3)Wooly Bully (1/3)Miss California (23/2)
Repetition (25/2)Let Your Love Flow (2/3)Boyfriend Of The Year (8/3)Bad Influence (2/3)
Copycat (4/3)What You Gonna Do With The BandShoes Of Another Man (15/3)Strobe Lights (9/3)
Midnight Waltz (11/3)Cute! Cute! Cute! (16/3)What You Gonna Do With The BandShoes Of Another Man (16/3)
L L L (18/3)Dance Some More (23/3)Duck Soup (22/3)Nothing Matters (23/3)
Duck Soup (18/3)Repetition (30/3)Playing With Fire (29/3)Repetition (30/3)
Repetition (25/3)Feel Right (6/4)Miss California (12/4)Fiona (6/4)
Say Hey Love (15/4)Copycat (13/4)Feel Right (19/4)Feel Right (13/4)
Higher & Higher (22/4)Boyfriend Of The Year (20/4)Fiona (26/4)NY Cha (20/4)
Crazy Devils (29/4)Repetition (27/4)Repetition (3/5)Repetition (28/4)
Rio (6/5)Avslutning (4/5)Avslutning (10/5)Tangoed (Tango With The Sheriff) (4/5)
Avslutning (25/5)  Avslutning (11/5)

Kursdanser HT 2009

Boys Will Be Boys (24/8)CCS (25/8)Jesse James (25/8)
Sweet 16 (31/8)Toes (1/9)Traveling (25/8)
Kjempeform (7/9)One More Midnight (8/9)Poker Face (1/9)
One More Midnight (14/9)Mi Rowsu (22/9)Moonlight Kiss (8/9)
Rodeo Blues (21/9)Moonlight Kiss (29/9)Roomba (15/9)
Repetition (28/9)Repetition (6/10)J Ho (22/9)
CCS (5/10)Boys Will Be Boys (13/10)Mi Rowsu (22/9)
Straddling Boots (12/10)Rodeo Blues (13/10)Waiting (29/9)
Irish Stew (19/10)Go Mama Go (20/10)Repetition (6/10)
Repetition (26/10)Repetition (27/10)Make You Believe (13/10)
Toes (2/11)Funky Project (3/11)Leave The Boat (20/10)
Repetition (9/11)The Outback (10/11)Hillbilly Hook (27/10)
Mi Rowsu (16/11)Islands In The Stream (17/11)S.O.B (3/11)
Repetition (23/11)Playing With Fire (24/11)Funky Project (10/11)
Avslutning (30/11)Repetition (1/12)Playing With Fire (17/11)
 Avslutning (8/12)Toes (24/11)
Uppvisningsdansen: Comic Strip Avslutning (1/12)

Kursdanser VT 2009

Happy Radio (21/1)Please Behave (20/1)Still In Love (20/1)
Blusher (28/1)Bodyguard (27/1)Do Your Thing (27/1)
Repetition (4/2)Whole Again (3/2)Vivacious (3/2)
Love Trick (Kjempeform) (11/2)Amame (10/2)Wonderful (3/2)
Waltz Away (18/2)Little Red Book (17/2)Madiba Mambo (10/2)
Repetition (25/2)Put A Little Love In Your Heart (24/2)Notice The Danger (24/2)
Little Red Book (4/3)Repetition (3/3)Jitterbug Stroll (3/3)
Repetition (11/3)Sea Salt Sally (10/3)Sea Salt Sally (10/3)
The Ants Dance (18/3)Galway Girls (17/3)Viva La Vida (17/3)
CCS (25/3)Brazil (24/3)Feel (24/3)
Higher & Higher (1/4)Tango Cha (31/3)Tango Cha (31/3)
King Of The Road (8/4)Repetition (7/4)Turn Me Loose (7/4)
Repetition (15/4)Thanks A Lot (14/4)Mojo Rhythm (14/4)
Trickle, Trickle (22/4)Bar Room Romeo (21/4)No Need To Rush (21/4)
Kursavslutning 29/4Kursavslutning 28/4Repetition (28/4)
  Kursavslutning (5/5)

Kursdanser HT 2008

Happy Radio (27/8)Happy Radio (26/8)Do It (26/8)
Alfie (3/9)Higher And Higher (2/9)Saddle Up Shawty (2/9)
Big Girl Boogie (10/9)On The Shelf (9/9)Mystery Cha (9/9)
Love Trick (Kjempeform) (17/9)The Ants Dance (16/9)My Veronica (16/9)
Ghost Train (24/9)1-2-3 Summertime (23/9)All Summer Long (23/9)
Blusher (1/10)Repetition (30/9)On A Good Night (30/9)
Repetition (8/10)Respect (7/10)1-2-3 Summertime (7/10)
Bounce (15/10)My Veronica (14/10)Feed The Fetish (14/10)
Higher & Higher (15/10)Love Trick (Kjempeform) (21/10)Fire On Ice (21/10)
Unchain My HeartWaltz Away (28/10)Amame (28/10)
Waltz Away (29/10)Crazy Foot Mambo (4/11)Get On The Bus (4/11)
Wish It Would Rain (5/11)Wish It Would Rain (11/11)Crazy Foot Mambo (11/11)
Straddling Boots (12/11)Bounce (18/11)Get Trashed (18/11)
Saddle Up Shawty (19/11) NoNoNoNoNo-Notso (25/11)
The Ants Dance (26/11) Bodyguard (25/11)

Kursdanser VT 2008

Introduktion, fortsättningNewcomerNovice/Intermediate
One More Midnight (22/1)Kiss Me, Kiss Me (23/1)Good Night 2 B Lonely (22/1)
Stitch It Up (29/1)Big Love (30/1)Whole Again (22/1)
Feel Like A Fool (12/2)My New Life (6/2)Old Tears (29/1)
My Greek No 1 (19/2)Feel Like A Fool (13/2)Love Today (5/2)
Picnic Polka (4/3)The Sailors Hornpipe (13/2)Charanga (12/2)
Pump It (11/3)Going Funny (27/2)Ain’t Got No Money (19/2)
Wish It Would Rain (18/3)A Little Bit Closer (5/3)Mercy (26/2)
Blusher (1/4)Pump It (12/3)Show Me Wot U Got (11/3)
Kiss Me, Kiss Me (8/4)Prison Break (19/3)Give It Back (18/3)
Big Love (15/4)Stitch It Up (2/4)Kings & Vagabonds (25/3)
 Wish It Would Rain (9/4)Prison Break (1/4)
 Enigma (16/4)Tequila (8/4)
 My Heart Skips A Beat (16/4)Teach Me To Dance (15/4)
  Shake It Up (22/4)
  Salsaria (22/4)
  So Glamorous (29/4)

Kursdanser HT 2007

Sweet 16 (21/8)One More Midnight (21/8)Mr Pinstripe (22/8)Mr Pinstripe (20/8)
Electric Slide (28/8)Hickory Lake (28/8)Max Factor (29/8)Max Factor (20/8)
Ghost Train (4/9)Something So Right (4/9)CT Girl (5/9)CT Girl (27/8)
Straddling Boots (11/9)Run It (11/9)Nimby (12/9)Nimby (3/9)
Get Down, Get Funky (25/9)Celtic Reel (18/9)Do You Know (19/9)Crooked Letter Y (3/9)
Irish Stew (2/10)My Boy Lollipop (2/10)A Gigolo (3/10)A Little Southern Comfort (10/9)
Jump In The Line (16/10)Midnight Waltz (9/10)Not Like That (3/10)Sail Away Cha (17/9)
Midnight Waltz (23/10)6,8,12 (16/10)Dime A Dance (10/10)Last Good Time (17/9)
Live, Laugh, Love (30/10)Some Girls (23/10)Open Arms (17/10)Dream In Color (24/9)
 Watching You (30/10)Tequila Cha (24/10)The King (1/10)
  Country As A Boy Can Be (24/10)Angel (8/10)
  I Want It All (31/10)Tequila Cha (15/10)
  Thanks A Lot (7/11)One Track Mind (22/10)
   Crystal Clear (29/10)

Kursdanser VT 2007

Introduktion NewcomerNovice
Electric Slide (17/1)Rio (16/1)Baby Blues (16/1)
Reet Petite (17/1)Baby Blues (16/1)My Greek No. 1 (16/1)
Sweet 16 (24/1)Leaving Of Liverpool (23/1)Come Into My World (23/1)
Ghost Train (31/1)Black Eyed Samba (30/1)Never Enough (30/1)
Straddling Boots (7/2)My Greek No. 1 (13/2)Can’t Stop A River (6/2)
The Lilt (14/2)Breakaway (20/2)Red Dress (13/2)
Live, Laugh, Love (28/2)Let’s Ledoux It (27/2)J.A.B.S (20/2)
Breakaway (7/3)Toot Toot (6/3)Bella Bella (27/2)
Rio (14/3)Bella Bella (13/3)Go Greased Lightning (6/3)
 J.A.B.SStrike 1 (13/3)

Kursdanser HT 2006

Introduktion NewcomerNoviceIntermediate 
Cowgirls Twist (22/8)Body & Soul (25/10)Devil’s Shadow (30/8)Pon De Replay (17/10)
Ghost Train (19/9)Bosa Nova (23/8)It’s Up To You (23/8)Crazy (22/8)
Electric Slide (22/8)Lightning PolkaBefore The Devil (13/9)Baby Com On (17/10)
Get Down, Get Funky (10/10)Proud Mary (13/9)Dance With Me Darlin’ (20/9)Shake It Down (24/10)
Straddling Boots (5/9)Watcha Wanna Do That ForSwing Town (13/9)Bomshel Stomp (5/9)
Live, Laugh, Love (17/10)Devil’s Shadow (30/8)Pon De Replay (11/10)If You Don’t Know Me (26/9)
Body & SoulIt’s Up To You (20/9)Crazy (23/8)Pumpin’ For Love (12/9)
Bosa NovaBefore The Devil (27/9)Baby Com On (27/9)I Am Afraid (22/8)
Lightning PolkaDance With Me Darlin’ (18/10)Shake It Down (18/10)(Geek) In The Pink (29/8)
Proud Mary (12/9)Swing TownBomshel Stomp (6/9)Ooops Up
Watcha Wanna Do That ForPon De Replay (4/10)If You Don’t Know Me (4/10)Bad Boy Tango (10/10)
Sweet 16 (29/8)  Attitude
Irish Stew (17/10)  Come Tomorrow
   Sway (19/9)
   Cherry Poppin’ (3/10)

Kursdanser VT 2006

Introduktion NewcomerNoviceIntermediate 
Electric SlideLove Is In The AirLove Is In The Air Just Wright
Ghost TrainCandy WineCandy WineKnock Yourself Out
T & G HurricaneMake It UpMake It UpBetcha Neva
Get Down Get FunkyThe WorldThe WorldKill The Spiders
Waltz Across TexasStraddling BootsStraddling BootsWith These Eyes
Live, Laugh, LoveOakland Cha ChaOakland Cha ChaMomma Mia
Rockin’Body & SoulBody & SoulOverload
The Picnic PolkaCall MeCall MeChiky Latino
Jai’ du BoogieAll My LifeAll My LifeAll Together
Irish Stew Just WrightTrust Me!
  Knock Yourself OutHave Fun Go Mad
  Betcha NevaWhere Does It Hurt
  Kill The SpidersSwing Sweet Pussycat
  With These EyesWalk Back To Me
  Momma MiaFiredance
  OverloadMrs P.D.